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When the craft becomes an art...

This is a story about how dreams come true if you really really want to ...
I am one of you, I am the same as you. But my main trait of quality is that I believe in my dream and consciously and purposefully go for it.

As a woman, I set myself the goal of making our handicraft, inherited for centuries, transform into art and become valuable for the whole world.

Being a composer, I decided to compose and create not only songs but now handmade bags mainly. The bags brought freshness and novelty to the art of Armenian handmade goods. Every single product is created by hand in a thorough and individual way. Each product is unique – it can’t be repeated. The brand is currently spread all over the world finding its particular client.
I put a little part of my heart into every single thing I make.

And if interested, DAYAN it's a real last name of my mother.


Customer reviews

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I have 5 bags from Dayan, the quality of all is amazing, after a few hours in the rain they still are just like new, I highly recommend buying, best value for money!

Lusine Zakalashvili

Highly recommended! Ingenious combination of taste, trends and comfort!!!

An Na

Better than expected!!!! Thank you!

Marianna Tadevosyan

Unique bags!


Incredible beautiful !!!

Arus Davtyan