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Privacy Policy


Our website address is: Dayan brand was founded in 2016 by Angel Dayan. Being a composer, Dayan decided to compose and create not only songs but now handmade bags mainly. The bags brought freshness and novelty to the art of Armenian handmade goods. Every single product is created by hand in a thorough and individual way. Each product is unique – it can’t be repeated. The brand is currently spread all over the world finding its particular client.

The aim of this privacy policy is to inform the site visitors what information is gathered for registration and how it is used.

Personal Information Protection

For the site registration it is required to provide the following personal information: email, first name, last name. For the sake of providing safe and convenient service the information you provide is used for the following purposes:
  • To carry out service
  • For technical assistance
  • To fulfill your demands more effectively
  • To update you on news and new services
  • To send information on special guarantees the confidentiality of the information you provide and does not share it with third parties.
Other information gathered when you visit our site When you visit our site some information is gathered by your computer. For instance, when you visited our site, what pages you viewed, what browser you used, your internet provider’s name (Ucom, Vivacell…) and other information alike. The collected information is not personal and is used to count the number of visits and to run statistics. This information gives us the opportunity to monitor our website and make it as user-friendly as possible.

The use of cookie files uses cookie files. Cookies are small text files that are generated on the website. When you visit the site, cookie files are accepted and stored on your computer’s browser software. Cookies are safe for your computer and don’t collect personal information. Due to them, the site visit becomes faster and more convenient.