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Dayan brand was founded in 2016 by Angel Dayan. Being a composer, Dayan decided to compose and create not only songs but now handmade bags mainly. The bags brought freshness and novelty to the art of Armenian handmade goods. Every single product is created by hand in a thorough and individual way. Each product is unique – it can’t be repeated. The brand is currently spread all over the world finding its particular client.


• Goods can be returned only, if you notice defect.
• Please test everything as soon as you receive your items and insure that they are in working condition.
• If the received goods has a defect, please write to and we will take care of your problem as quickly as we can.
• You can’t exchange an item for another item, without important reason. That you changed your mind – is not the reason.


Payment at can be made in two ways: online or by cash. Online payments are made through the AmeriaBank and Idram payment systems. We also serve ARCA, Visa and Master Card holders.

Cash payments are made at the moment of delivery with AMD.


If you are a registered customer, you will receive regular emails from You may refuse to receive these emails. The “Unsubscribe” button, which you can find in the received letter, will help you in this matter, after which you will not receive any more letters from The only email you will receive from will be a confirmation email for your orders. does not send unwanted emails “spam”. For more detailed information, you can send an email to

COPYRIGHT PROTECTION is a registered trademark. You may not use, copy, translate, or distribute the brand without permission. If you are interested in the information on, please contact by sending a letter to

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